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Re: CompactFlash PC Card Adapter

Werner Heuser <Werner.Heuser@web.de> writes:

> > > I have a SanDisk PC Card Adapter for CompactFlash Cards. I rember that
> > > this Card has been working without any problems with mdk.
> > > 
> > > But now with debian it doesn't work.
> > 
> > Does anyone here know something about an conflict between the Toshiba
> > Card Adapter and the Kernel (2.4) PCMCIA driver? Espacialy the ide
> > driver? I remember I read something from David Hinds about that. But I
> > can't remember where!
> See PCMCIA-HOWTO. But if it's really an adapter then it's just
> a piece of metal and has no influence on the driver. 

Sorry, that was my mistake! I meant the Controler! The Toshiba ToPIC95
Controller in my Toshiba Sattelite Notebook! Not the Adapter for the
CF Card!

> BTW: First you mentioned a SanDisk PC Card adapter, now you
> mention the Toshiba Card adapter but you never mentioned the
> model of the CF card you are using.

One is a 16 MB Psion (SanDisk) Card the other one is a Noname
(ProFoto) 64 MB CF Card. 

Sorry for my Mistake and Thanks for your support!


Florian Reichert
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