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Re: airline travel with hitech gear? (a bit offtopic)

El mar, 11-02-2003 a las 03:15, Joris escribió:
> I know it has little to do with debian on laptops (altough a non-windows
> OS booting meight look suspecious to customs), but:
> What advice can experienced travellers give me on flying with a laptop?
> I don't want to take any chances with the baggage (especially since I
> won't have a direct flight), so I'll have to keep it in the
> hand-luggage.
> Can laptops (and digital photocameras) survive the xrays used? Or should
> I remove the tech gear and offer it for in spection to the guards? (Or
> wrap it in alu foil? :p)

Yes, it can.  The first time I ask to avoid it, it was necessary
turned it on.

But someone of an airport told me that nothing could happen, except
with films with high sensibility (ISO >= 800 or 1200 even).  So,
I've pass my notebook many times on x-ray and nothing happened.

Anyway, always I backup before to travel :-)

German Poo Caaman~o
"Hay 10 tipos de personas: las que entienden binario y las que no."

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