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Re: airline travel with hitech gear? (a bit offtopic)

On Tue, 11 Feb 2003 19:27, Hubert Chan wrote:
> You can even use a stock laptop, but fill one of your peripherals with
> explosives.  Getting around airport security is pretty trivial.  (You
> can even go to the Tim Horton's in the gate area, and get an orange
> juice.  It comes in a nice glass bottle, that can be easily turned into
> a cutting instrument.)  Great, after posting this, I bet CSIS (the
> Canadian intelligence agency) will be knocking on my door.

Another thing, you can't take an opened bottle of alcohol on Canadian flights 
(and probably many other countries too).  I lost half a bottle of 16yo Scotch 
to this...

They claim that the risk is of taking something flammable or explosive in the 
bottle.  However they don't bother about bottles of mineral water, so a 
terrorist could fill a water bottle with something clear such as methylated 

But this is getting way off topic.

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