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Re: airline travel with hitech gear? (a bit offtopic)

Joris <joris@linux.be> writes:
> I know it has little to do with debian on laptops (altough a non-windows
> OS booting meight look suspecious to customs), but:
> What advice can experienced travellers give me on flying with a
> laptop?

Airport security *in the United States only* wants you to take your
laptop out of your bag and have it X-rayed separately.  As other
people have noted, though, this is pretty harmless.  Pretty much the
only thing you can't send through the X-ray is high-speed photographic
film.  (Plus the long list of verboten items in the U.S...)

Otherwise, the security people don't care.  A laptop is a great
distraction, uh, I mean, a great way to get work done on planes, and
lots of passengers take them without issues.

(I went to Berlin for a conference last summer, and was actually
surprised that nobody outside the United States cared about the laptop
thing.  There were signs up at Heathrow, where you had to go through
security to go between terminals, directing confused Americans.  And I
explicitly asked in Berlin and was told not to take my laptop out.
What *is* the motivation for this?)

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	-- Abra Mitchell

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