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Re: Getting PCMCIA to work?

Derek Broughton (dbroughton@netcom.ca) had this to say on 02/07/03 at 16:38: 
> Mike Leone wrote:
> >Brian Kendig (brian@enchanter.net) had this to say on 02/07/03 at 14:42: 
> >
> >>The Debian pcmcia-modules package depends on the pcmcia-cs package... 
> >>does installing pcmcia-modules remove the i82365 support?  I'm just not 
> >>clear on the relationship between the two packages.
> >
> >
> >I download the source for the pcmcia-cs package. I don't use the
> >pcmcia-modules package. I always recompile my own kernels, and by hand (not
> >that make-kpkg stuff).
> It is, of course, your right to do things the hard way if you want. 


Well, it didn't work when I did it the make-kpkg way (I believe I was
following the direction on the WIRELESS-LAN-HOWTO). Doing it the standard
Linux way (aka "the hard way") works every time, and on every Linux distro.
> However, he can almost certainly get by without compiling anything.

Quite probably. But he asked how I did it, and so I told him,

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