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Re: Getting PCMCIA to work?

Mike Leone wrote:
Brian Kendig (brian@enchanter.net) had this to say on 02/07/03 at 14:42:
The Debian pcmcia-modules package depends on the pcmcia-cs package... does installing pcmcia-modules remove the i82365 support? I'm just not clear on the relationship between the two packages.

I download the source for the pcmcia-cs package. I don't use the
pcmcia-modules package. I always recompile my own kernels, and by hand (not
that make-kpkg stuff).

It is, of course, your right to do things the hard way if you want. However, he can almost certainly get by without compiling anything.

Yes, Brian, you need pcmcia-cs. You _may_ need pcmcia-modules-* (I don't have it, but I recompile my kernels - with make-kpkg because it's so much easier :-)). If you don't have pcmcia-modules-* _now_, then I don't think you need it - since you seem to have a working card (just not configured for the network). But pcmcia-cs is where all the /etc/pcmcia/* files should come from. If you don't have those:
	apt-get --purge remove pcmcia-cs
and then reinstall it.

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