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Re: fan problem

> > I have a problem with my laptop, an Asus L3800S. When I boot,
> > if the fans are not already running, they will never work. As
> > a consequence, the system doesn't cool down and it halts. I
> I have the same problem with my ASUS A1300. For me the solution is to use the
> APM modules instead of ACPI. I have them compiled into the kernel.

Ok, I have an l8300C and I guess I'll face the same problem as soon as I
compile a new kernel and try to change to acpi.

My toughts are these:
 - apm is kind of "bios manages thermal related things ALONE, if
much allows monitoring"
 - acpi is kind of "OS manages thermal related things, BIOS just provide
the handles to OS be able to monitor/manage"

When in boot, bios always checks the system state, reacts, and then when
the kernel starts it enters "acpi mode". After that, the system (SO) needs
to control and monitor the machine.
This would explain why the fan state doesn't change unless during boot or
if apm is enable.

So, we're back to this point: How to monitor cpu temp, and how to change
fan state ?!? If one knows that then it would be simple to write a crontab
job to handle the thermal management...

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