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Re: Making the power button smarter?

On Sun, 2003-02-09 at 04:57, Brian Kendig wrote:
> But, that said, I've still got some confusion about apm/acpi that a web 
> search hasn't cleared up, so more guidance would be appreciated.  :)  
> Specifically...
> - apm was the 'old' interface for handling power management, and acpi 
> is the 'new' interface, right?  Does the PC's BIOS determine which one 
> of these the PC supports, and it won't support the other?  I ask 
> because I searched for info on my Dell Latitude CPi D266XT, and I've 
> found reference to people using apm and/or acpi on it, and I'm not sure 
> how that is.  My laptop's BIOS setup screen makes reference to power 
> conservation features which 'have no effect under ACPI operating 
> systems.'

Some older laptops (pre-ACPI) support only APM.  Some new laptops
(post-APM) only support ACPI.

In between there have been many laptops which support ACPI to a limited
extent, and APM quite well, and probably all of the variations in

If you buy a new laptop now it is quite likely that you will be forced
to use ACPI but my laptop (for example) I choose to use APM because the
support is mature (and why would I want to press the power button anyway

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