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RE: Strange tv out problem

think we cannot help, since this is quite offtopic. use the debian and we
are glad to answer...

P.S. what is WindowsXP and why should we use it?
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> Sent: Dienstag, 11. Februar 2003 17:21
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> Subject: Strange tv out problem
> I have a very strange tv out problem with my SONY VAIO FX 805 
> notebook (OS Windows XP). When I connect the tv out port (of 
> the ATI mobility M1)to the TV thanks to the supplied Jack/3 
> cinch(video,audioR,audioL) cable the LCD monitor of my laptop 
> appears on the TV screen, which is totally normal...Then I 
> start windows mediaplayer in order to watch a movie and of 
> course I can  see the little window of mediaplayer appearing 
> both on my LCD monitor and on the TV screen...
> BUT when I start the movie I can only see it on the LCD 
> monitor because the little window of mediaplayer on the TV 
> screen keep remaining black whereas it plays the movie on the 
> LCD monitor...
> I mean that I can perfectly see the film with window 
> mediaplayer on the laptop while, in the same time, I can only 
> see the little window of mediaplayer remaining black on the 
> TV screen...IT IS AMAZING
> I imagine it cannot be a TV out port problem as the LCD is 
> reproducted on the TV screen, and it cannot be a software 
> problem as mediaplayer can play the movie correctly on the 
> Hoping to receive a reply to this mail with a possible 
> solution, thank in advance.
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