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Fw: "Antispam UOL" spam from "colours" and "centred" in Sid Gnome (no subject) Re: (OT) Beginner's Linux book recommendation Re: (OT) L4-Hurd threads (solved) usb HP printer etch usblp .bash_history /dev/ files /dev/hdc lost /dev/hdc lost, udev problem? /etc/init.d/powerfail /var/www/ and the user ho like to edit web pages Re: /var/www/ and the user ho like to edit web pages - OK Re: 2.6.14 image will not install RE: 2.6.14 image will not install (SOLVED) RE: 2.6.14 image will not install (SOLVED), more RE: 2.6.14 image will not install (SOLVED), more, corrected 2.6.14 kernel woes Re: 2.6.14 kernel woes, PS 2.6.14 Problems (was Re: sarge: 2.6.14 kernel panics on boot) 200 dollars per day Re: 230 million SLOC cannot copy files from cd after burn it on disc using cdrecord =?GB2312?Q?=B6=CC=D0=C5=C8=BA=B7=A2,QQ=C8=BA=B7=A2,=D3=CA=BC=FE=C8=BA=B7=A2,IP=C8=BA=B7= Computer Virus Check System (Nissan Motor Co.,Ltd.) egyszeri megkeresés Re: TWO independent mouse TWO independent mouse [ANNOUNCE] using secure apt with the testing security archive [avast! - INFECTED] Camila Fwd: [BSDCert] BSD Usage Survey Report [Fwd: I2O v dpt_i2o & #328534] [Fwd: Re: "Antispam UOL" spam from] [Fwd: Re: A few general questions from a Debian newbie] [Fwd: Re: can't remove dir] [Gnome] Error pop-up: there's already a gnome-panel [gnome] Nautilus freezes [hdd problem] Strange errors [HDD problem] Strange remount read-only Re: [OT] Good book about GNU/Linux structure [Q] partman, big disk and old BIOS : the whole capacity is not seen [root user] How to disable root account? [slightly OT]: GUI firewall applications in Linux Re: [slightly OT]: GUI firewall applications in Linux [Solved] Can't Start KDE from Normal User; Only from Root [Solved] Freezing, SMP Kernel and P4 [Spam?] Re: Anyone know how to do a "timed program" with mplayer Abiword-Gnome, save as PDF, does not support italics? about downoad debian about emacs about properties Re: absurdly simple LAN problem acidlab update broke acidlab mysql installation on sarge ACL bug in debian sarge? Add 'suspend the computer' to logout dialogue? Adding Debian to Suse Box Adding LVM to an existing system Re: Adding LVM to an existing system (SOLVED) Re: addio mp3 :( advances partition selection bug in some 2.6 kernels? After reboot /etc/resolv.conf is missing Re: After updating testing, must now 'ifup eth0' manually - why? aic7xxx driver floppy for sarge aide pour postfix Alien,tgz and rpm All of which seem to be for 1.1 and will break my OOo 2.0 installation. Re: Help File?? Alsa and udev-0.071-1 Alsa card activation order ALSA compile problem ALSA on LG LW20 laptop Alternative to Microcal Origin? Am I compromised Am I Compromised -- More information Am I Compromised -- Some interesting findings analyzer for http and ftp traffic Annoying Gnome problem Any debian packages for gnome's NetworkManager? Re: Any MIDI/audio sequencer out there that works ? Re: Any recomendations on C/R spam tools for Debian Re: Anyone know how to do a "timed program" with mplayer? Re: aol art files: apache apt-get installation Apache PHP HTTP Timeout ? apache2 double free or corruption Re: Apache2: httpd.conf or apache2.conf? apt problems APT(ITUDE) problems (aka cat herding) apt-get and missing init scripts Re: Apt-get circular dependencies apt-get install wants to remove too much apt-get install xutils: remove 259 packages!? apt-get update connecting to ( apt-get update errors apt-get vs. dselect Apt-get: Broken Pipe apt.conf question aptitude - held broken packages aptitude and apt-listbugs aptitude update problem aptitude: untrusted packages Assigning dependencies manually Asterisk Problems at-poke in debian system ATA 80GB disk recommendation Re: ATA 80GB disk recommendation - common ATI FIreGL4 drivers for ia64 Ati Radeon 9000 pro + Debian Sarge + DRI : not working automated installs Automatic proxy selection based on network location with Firefox (proxy.pac) AW: about downoad debian backbone of a large-file streaming system backups RE: ATA 80GB disk recommendation bad md5sum for initrd in hd-media? Re: Bash commands BASH Scripting Question bash, read, and tab completion Bash: $LINENO can't be modified in bash 3.0, while it can be done in bash 2.05b Basic questions Best cluster OS Re: Best way to copy a video dvd Best way to upgrade Kde 3.3 (Sarge) Bind TTL changes Birthday Calendar BMP PROBLEM Re: books/doc for programmers and sysadmin on a debian system Re: Boot loader option boot to kdm Booting 2.6.8 on x686 Sarge without initrd: VFS: Unable to mount root fs BOUNCE global taboo header: /^subject:\s*Returned mail\b/i Non-member submission from [] broken /var/lib/dpkg/status Broken RAID array ... Browser stopped displaying European characters BSD Certification newsletter mentions our brochure distribution Bug in hotplug breaks wireless connection Bug in KDE clock applet Bugzilla 2.20 backport? Building ant from etch Bulletin-board software that doesn't suck busybox in debian ca-certificates post-installation script fails cable modem problem Calender, To-do, and other PDA-like software for Debian Calling on Toshiba users Can anyone get premail -makenym to work? can apt/aptitude use a non-anonymous mirror? Re: can I delete /mnt ? can i install debian on a sunblade 150 machine?? can I subscribe to group. Re: can use of smartctl prevent disk probs? Can't apt-get php4-gd and libphp-jpgraph Re: Can't get grip to normalize before encoding. Can't login... need help The last update was on 06:43 GMT Fri May 17. There are 3692 messages. Page 1 of 8.

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