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Fw: 200 dollars per day Re: 230 million SLOC Re: 2.6.14 image will not install RE: 2.6.14 image will not install (SOLVED) RE: 2.6.14 image will not install (SOLVED), more RE: 2.6.14 image will not install (SOLVED), more, corrected 2.6.14 kernel woes Re: 2.6.14 kernel woes, PS 2.6.14 Problems (was Re: sarge: 2.6.14 kernel panics on boot) Abiword-Gnome, save as PDF, does not support italics? about downoad debian about emacs about properties Re: absurdly simple LAN problem acidlab update broke acidlab mysql installation on sarge ACL bug in debian sarge? Adding Debian to Suse Box Adding LVM to an existing system Re: Adding LVM to an existing system (SOLVED) Re: addio mp3 :( Add 'suspend the computer' to logout dialogue? advances partition selection bug in some 2.6 kernels? After reboot /etc/resolv.conf is missing Re: After updating testing, must now 'ifup eth0' manually - why? aic7xxx driver floppy for sarge aide pour postfix Alien,tgz and rpm All of which seem to be for 1.1 and will break my OOo 2.0 installation. Re: Help File?? Alsa and udev-0.071-1 Alsa card activation order ALSA compile problem ALSA on LG LW20 laptop Alternative to Microcal Origin? Am I compromised Am I Compromised -- More information Am I Compromised -- Some interesting findings analyzer for http and ftp traffic [ANNOUNCE] using secure apt with the testing security archive Annoying Gnome problem "Antispam UOL" spam from Any debian packages for gnome's NetworkManager? Re: Any MIDI/audio sequencer out there that works ? Re: Anyone know how to do a "timed program" with mplayer? Re: Any recomendations on C/R spam tools for Debian Re: aol art files: apache2 double free or corruption Re: Apache2: httpd.conf or apache2.conf? apache apt-get installation Apache PHP HTTP Timeout ? apt.conf question apt-get and missing init scripts Apt-get: Broken Pipe Re: Apt-get circular dependencies apt-get install wants to remove too much apt-get install xutils: remove 259 packages!? apt-get update connecting to ( apt-get update errors apt-get vs. dselect aptitude and apt-listbugs aptitude - held broken packages APT(ITUDE) problems (aka cat herding) aptitude: untrusted packages aptitude update problem apt problems Assigning dependencies manually Asterisk Problems ATA 80GB disk recommendation Re: ATA 80GB disk recommendation - common ATI FIreGL4 drivers for ia64 Ati Radeon 9000 pro + Debian Sarge + DRI : not working at-poke in debian system automated installs Automatic proxy selection based on network location with Firefox (proxy.pac) [avast! - INFECTED] Camila AW: about downoad debian backbone of a large-file streaming system backups RE: ATA 80GB disk recommendation bad md5sum for initrd in hd-media? Re: Bash commands .bash_history Bash: $LINENO can't be modified in bash 3.0, while it can be done in bash 2.05b bash, read, and tab completion BASH Scripting Question Basic questions Best cluster OS Re: Best way to copy a video dvd Best way to upgrade Kde 3.3 (Sarge) Bind TTL changes Birthday Calendar BMP PROBLEM Re: books/doc for programmers and sysadmin on a debian system Booting 2.6.8 on x686 Sarge without initrd: VFS: Unable to mount root fs Re: Boot loader option boot to kdm BOUNCE global taboo header: /^subject:\s*Returned mail\b/i Non-member submission from [] Broken RAID array ... broken /var/lib/dpkg/status Browser stopped displaying European characters Fwd: [BSDCert] BSD Usage Survey Report BSD Certification newsletter mentions our brochure distribution Bug in hotplug breaks wireless connection Bug in KDE clock applet Bugzilla 2.20 backport? Building ant from etch Bulletin-board software that doesn't suck busybox in debian cable modem problem ca-certificates post-installation script fails Calender, To-do, and other PDA-like software for Debian Calling on Toshiba users Can anyone get premail -makenym to work? can apt/aptitude use a non-anonymous mirror? Re: can I delete /mnt ? can i install debian on a sunblade 150 machine?? can I subscribe to group. Re: cannot access USB modem - after unstable dist-upgrade Nov05 Re: cannot copy files from cd after burn it on disc using cdrecord cannot get into X - after testing dist-upgrade 11-03-05 Re: cannot get into X - after testing dist-upgrade 11-03-05 cannot get my home page from o/s world Re: cannot get my home page from o/s world SOLVED cannot log back into Gnome after reboot (bug in Testing?) cannot run /bin/sh ./config.sub? canon a410 digital camera Can't apt-get php4-gd and libphp-jpgraph Re: Can't get grip to normalize before encoding. Can't login... need help Can't recover sound can't remove dir Can't Start KDE from Normal User; Only from Root Can't startx in 24b color depth mode Re:can't use usb Can't write to external 160 gigs usb hard drive Re: can use of smartctl prevent disk probs? CD-ROM devices vanished. cdrom mounting on tru64 unix Certified Unix (Re: Solaris: The Most Advanced OS?) cflow / flowscan fix change networks Changing default runlevels Changing file associations in KDE Changing monitor resolution after installng The last update was on 09:58 GMT Sun Aug 16. There are 3692 messages. Page 1 of 8.

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