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Re: .bash_history

Clive Menzies on 21/11/05 10:23, wrote:
On (20/11/05 21:41), Ralph Katz wrote:
On 11/20/2005 05:20 PM, Adam Hardy wrote:

I rely on .bash_history alot to remind me what command syntax to use - I
don't scroll back thro the history with the up button, I just grep the
.bash_history file for the command I want to run.

This used to work until recently when I found that the .bash_history had
been transformed into a data file, instead of the ASCII text that I was
used to.

I don't know what caused this. But I deleted the file and carried on.
For a while the .bash_history file returned as ASCII text, but now it's
happened again.

Why not use control-r ?  Does exactly that.

From man bash:

reverse-search-history (C-r)
             Search backward starting at the current  line  and  moving  `up'
             through  the  history  as  necessary.   This  is  an incremental

thanks for the tips about C-r Is there some sort of documentation on this? I'd like to see how much history it keeps. It's a seperate program from history, right?

Looks like I might have to make 10 minutes somewhere to find out what history does from the man page.

Also, does anyone know what is going on with my .bash_history?


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