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Re: ATA 80GB disk recommendation - common

hi ya bruno

On Fri, 4 Nov 2005, Bruno Buys wrote:

> To me, simply there is no clear pattern on what brand is good or bad. My 
> _insert_ drive manufacture here_ is seagate.

bingo .. i don't think there is a single good or bad manufacturer or drive

i claim, it depends on where you bought your disk from ..

	- buying from mom-n-pop.com vs big-national-store.com 
	makes a very big difference

	- how the gorrilla's in the warehouses stores the disks
	makes a big diffrerence .. probably the biggest difference
	in the world ...

		- even a 6" drop of the disk can damage the head
		on lower quality head assemblies

		- the folks in the warehouse probably are taught
		not to throw things or drop thigns around but
		i see that all the time for some non-critical items

	- how the ups/fedex/dhl/mailman delivers your boxes makes
	probably even more of a difference ...

	- how *-you-* install the disks and if you have 1 or 2 
	cooling fans will make a big difference on 7200rpm or faster 
	drives and the right cables ..

- the only "bad disks" are the ibm deskstar ( aka deathstar ) that are
  made in thailand ( the 10GB, 16GB, 20GB, 30GB, 40GB ) stuff
	- there was/is a class action suit about all that

- we've bought thousands of disks ... you name it .. we probably have it
  or shipped it .. some of our ide disks are 10 yrs old and still working
	- by the same token, all scsi disks are dead .. except 1
	out of 10

	- only "bad disks" that we sent out are the ones that was
	used in 150F ambient temperature .. all those disks died 
	but at least, that is outside of the "normal operating conditions"

- if you're paranoid about disks ( which brand and model ):

--->>	buy your disks from an iso-9001 certified place where
	they are required to keep track of each item, case, pallet

	- most sites are proud to state they are iso-900x certified but
	who knows if they just got a new hire gorrilla in the warehouse

c ya

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