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Re: ATA 80GB disk recommendation

Gnu-Raiz wrote:

On 19:14, Thu 03 Nov 05, Stephen Patterson wrote:
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On Thu, 03 Nov 2005 17:10:49 +0100, Hugo Vanwoerkom wrote:
If you have an 80GB ATA disk that you think is terrific, could you post it?
I've had an IBM deskstar running just fine for the last 2 years.

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Is their any reason that you must have an 80 gig hard drive?
You can pick up a larger drive for about the same cost as
some 80 gig drives. To answer your direct question I have
used a Samsung 80 gig drive with Windows without any
But I must say I also have a Seagate 120 gig, and a Maxtor
120 gig I would take the Seagate over the Maxtor just
because it has a 5 year warranty. In fact the Seagate has
only seen Gnu/Linux and *BSD's It was formated with the
Debian installer has never seen any Windows code if that
makes any difference, its also very easy on the ears.
Saying that I must say that it has a easy life, my machine's
seem to be on 24/7 with good cooling. It crunches RC5-72 and
really does not get a good workout.

On the other hand my Samsung drive is pretty good, its in a
desktop case, the temp according to speedfan are in the 67
degree C range has poor cooling, hot to the touch enough to
burn you and has been in that situation for over a year.
Samsung usually has a three year warranty, and is very good,
mine is the 2 mb buffer cheap version. All these drives are
the ATA version's but I would recommend the Seagates, and
the Samsung to anyone, Maxtor has been touch and go with me
I had a 60 gig drive fail a couple of years ago.

I am sure everyone has a story about _insert drive
manufacture here_ failures. So to keep it simple I would go
for the drive which has the longest warranty, I think that
Seagate fits that bill. So shop around and find the best
deal, and warranty for your drive. Just remember to backup
all vital important data, that way if a drive fails you will
not have lost any important data.

Or in other words GOT BACKUP!


I couldn't help replying to this thread.
To me, simply there is no clear pattern on what brand is good or bad. My _insert_ drive manufacture here_ is seagate. Had three of them, the first one failed in like four months, warranty replaced, the second one lasted for like another four. The third one took six months, warranty voided already. The last one. Bought a new samsung, took six months, it hanged badly, one time, no turn back. Unlike the seagates, that died a slow death, the samsungs kinda suicided. Ok, new warranty replacement, the new one spins happily as I write this. I bought also a sata samsung, which also spins, but this one is 15 days old only. But I wouldn't say samsungs are good, too early. I wish we had a clear cut pattern like samsungs are good, seagates are bad. That would boil down thing, but its not that simple. Hdds seems to me to be such troubling devices. Buying the one with the longest warranty seems a good strategy. Just remember this is no replacement for a backup scheme.

Maybe I'll stick to the other guy here, who is building a silent system, without hdd's someday...

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