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Re: Apt-get: Broken Pipe

On Mon, Nov 28, 2005 at 05:32:09PM +0800, Marcus Deluigi (intern) wrote:
> Hi!
> I tried to install an unofficial debian package (AMPortal) by adding a
> new ressource to resources.list.
> But the installation failed with the error message:


The problem is that your unofficial package contains a file in an
official debian package.  Perhaps your unofficial package was not
designed for debian?  If it was designed for debian, it should have
a conflict with the official package or require a different version
(making this a bug in the unofficial package).

Probably the safest solution is to install all asterisk-related packages
from the same repository (i.e., install the package asterisk from the
unofficial repository).  If that's not there, you can get by creating a
diversion for the conflicting file (see dpkg-divert(8), you will want
to use the --package switch).  This will allow install, but if the two
versions differ, the asterisk package may break.

Of course, it's just as likely the packages will conflict in some other
respect, since clearly they have not been tested together.  But it's
worth a try, especially if asterisk-sounds-amportal just provides shared
audio files.

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