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Re: Anyone know how to do a "timed program" with mplayer?

Adam Funk wrote:

I can listen to a continuously ogg-streaming radio station with this

mplayer http://engine.collegemedia.vt.edu:8000/wuvt.ogg

and I've successfully recorded (using scripts and at) fixed-duration
RealPlayer radio shows to .wav to listen to them later.  But I'd like to
record a specific show tonight from the continuous live ogg stream.

I suppose I could set up an at job to start recording at 18:30 and another
to "killall mplayer" at 20:00, but I think that might cause problems (and
it's hideously inelegant).

Is there a better way?

I guess this isn't the neatest either, but how about using mplayer's slave mode (-slave), so it reads for commands from stdin. And have a simple script which sleeps for 1:30 and then prints whatever mplayer's stop command is to mplayer?

As I said it's not the neatest, but it's neater than killall mplayer :)



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