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Re: Adding LVM to an existing system

On Tuesday 15 Nov 2005 21:33, Marc Shapiro wrote:
> I currently do not use LVM.
> I have a 40GB disk with 3 physical partitions and logical partitions
> 5-11 on the remaining physical partition.  Several of the partitions are
> getting full.  There is space on the disk.  Just over half of the disk
> space is UN-partitioned.
> What I need to know is if I am better off to simply juggle the data
> around using parted to increase the size of the paritions, or should I
> install LVM and migrate the data to LVM volumes.

Personally, I have just the root partition as a normal partition and 
everything else on two lvm groups. I use two groups because I do disk to disk 
backups and I need to ensure that data is on separate physical volumes, but 
apart from that I am always creating, destroying or resizing logical volumes 
as I change my mind about things.

Root is best left  not lvm, because if you have to boot in a rescue disk, its 
easier not having to have to lvm tools around to get at root and correct what 
ever problem there might be.

(and I tend to use reiserfs just because you can resize to a bigger logical 
volume without unmounting the filesystem).
Alan Chandler
Open Source. It's the difference between trust and antitrust.

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