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[Q] partman, big disk and old BIOS : the whole capacity is not seen


I am presently trying to install Sarge on a rather old machine whom BIOS does 
not recognize a newly installed Western Digital 80GO disk.

Using a utility executable provided by the manufacturer of the disk, I trick 
the BIOS which now believe that the disk capacity is around 32 GO.

The problem is that partman in the net-install CD of Sarge is also tricked, 
and only saw the 32 GO.

When I saw that, I stopped the installation process, and use a Knoppix 3.8 
live CD, which is my standard "swiss army knife" in such cases.

Knoppix sees the whole capacity of the disk, and fdisk allows to partition it 
as I want.

Coming back to the net-install CD, partman was still unable to see the new 
partitions built with Knoppix.. In the same way, the fdisk from this CD, 
available under a text console (Alt-F2),   does not see the partition and 
does not allow to partition : fdisk stops without offering the operation menu 
and without an error message, except about the number of cylinders which is 
greater than 1024 (but lesser than the number given under knoppix)).

Is there a way to cleanly solve this problem (I can install Sarge on 32GO and 
then manipulate the partitions with knoppix but I considered that as dirty 
:-)) ?


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Universite de Bourgogne
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