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Re: boot to kdm

Bio Tech wrote:

> hello. I started using knoppix which got me using full debian (ive
> tried a lot of other distros and yours is the best so far) and my
> question is how can i get my system to boot to kdm to logon.
> im running a mutt :) P1 256/ram 5 gig hd im useing debain sarge 3.1
> any info will help thanks.

I'm assuming that you've installed Knoppix to the hard drive, and from
there have upgraded to a true Debian (probably Sid) system. It used to
be that such conversions to true Debian from Knoppix were fraught with
"issues", so my assumption may be incorrect -- you don't make it clear
in your posting. If you haven't made such a conversion yet, you may want
to get that out of the way before tackling KDM.

Assuming you have a true Debian system now, the next question is: "Do
you currently have the X Window System working at all?" Do you mean you
want to convert from some other login manager (gdm, wdm, xdm) to KDM, or
to you mean you want to get X working? (Again, you don't make it clear
in your posting.)

If you're just trying to convert to KDM from some other login manager, try:

    aptitude install kdm

If you're trying to get a GUI working, try:

    aptitude install x-window-system kde kdm


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