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Re: !!! Rejected Attachment !!! "Alien" from Red Hat rpm or Fedora Core rpm? "dch -I" command "dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xfree86" does not saves the new XF86Config-4 in /etc/X11 Re: "find /var/log -type f | xargs grep kmod" opens garbled dselect window "find /var/log -type f | xargs grep kmod" opens garbled dselect window Re: "find /var/log -type f | xargs grep kmod" opens garbled dselect window "Mailbox does not exist" error with multiple recipients msgs "Wicked" resolver error 'apt-get dist-upgrade' not working. Re: (And don't forget) - was:hi QUESTION (Asking Again) sym53c8xx_2 and tekram DC-390u2w (no subject) (Solution) DRI Problems with latest XFree Re: (un)mounting smb shares -DLINUX=22 and -lperl ..I the dns newbie screwed up rndc, rtfm advice? ..lwresd, was meant to be: BIND 9: rcnd: connection refused ..OT: A letter for Mr. Darl McBride Re: ..OT: todo list ..OT: todo list, was: Your eMail to Gibson Research Corp. ..scsi disk jumpering in hot swap disk drawers /dev/hdb1's permissions getting messed up? Re: /etc/init.d/ - add/remove services /mnt created at boot? /proc hidden features documentation [Was: Quasi-(un)deletion question] Re: /usr/src/linux symlink 2.2->2.4 : kernel conflict problem, NICs not recognized Re: 2.4.24+ kernels do not recognize my ide hard drives. 2.6 install cd 2.6 Kernel, Strange System Lock (not kernel panic) Re: 2.6 upgrade (mouse) 2.6, modules, and ALSA 2.6.2 USB Problem 2.6.3 and lsmod Re: 3dfx voodoo2 on debian 80G disk seen as 20G? Re: <Automailer> <WatchDog: denied attachment by TLLon001> Norton AntiVirus 在您發出的訊息中偵測到病毒。並已刪除中毒附件。 Hjælp Re: Hjælp Norton AntiVirus a détecté et supprimé un virus dans un message que vous avez envoyé. Rappel pour les abonnements aux listes sur díjtalan segítség Вы послали инфицированное сообщение. Re: D_GNU_SOURCE option for gcc? Symantec AVF 检测到您发送了具有违禁附件名称的消息 Тамож.Очистка ? about module/kernel compilation [Auto-Reply] HI [baloo: Re: How Do I Start the Debian GUI] Re: [DEB-USER] OT: C++ mailing list sought Re: [DEB-USER] Re: xscreensaver and KDE Re: [Error w. USB device (under 2.6)], [kernel 2.6, usb nic issues] Re: [Fwd: Re: Anti-aliasing fonts in OpenOffice & vncserver] [Fwd: Re: default destination in exim?] [Fwd: Re: librrds-perl] [Fwd: Re: No printing at all!] [Fwd: Re: Placa de Rede 3com 3CSOHO100B-TX.] [Fwd: Re: tar/tape] [Fwd: Re: Win4Linux for Debian?] Re: [GLUG-tech] Debian standard file locations ? When compiling new aplications .. Re: [GLUG-tech] Debian standard file locations ? When compiling new aplications .. [OT?] Re: PostScript -> samba -> PDF -> email attachment [OT] ABI vs. API [OT] Don't buy a Bestdata modem! Re: [OT] Dual Athlon motherboards - recommendations? [OT] New tab instead of new Window in Mozilla [OT] Taking notes [Q] apt-get/dpkg & pkg customization Re: [read: i don't know what I'm doing] [Repost] F-prot update cron script fails [Solved] Re: debuilding gcc-3.3 and doxygen Re: [Tech] iso masterizzare [VIRGE] VIRUS NOTIFICATION Re: [XFree86] nvidia and ut2003 - wrong refresh rates a2ps borders problem after upgrade Re: about Flyvideo 98 card AC'97 sound on 2.4 kernel Access to ttyS0 and ttyS1 confusion activate modem remotely Re: Adding GTK+ engines to /usr/local Adjusting the speed of mouse-wheel scrolling [repost] admin type user ADSL ISP in UK Advance Home Networked Advice on quality of first package aeq-New Canadian Generics again Debian dedicated hosting Again: is it 2.6 or alsa or hardware? again: update trap, please help! aic7xxx kernel freeze... AIDE problems all my ext3 filesystems died - completely!!!! ALSA - Not working with 2.6 kernel ALSA midi SBLive - sfxload? Alt+Cont+F(1,2,...) not responding alt-right-click in xterm alternative to plesk and cpanel? Alternative to VMware? Re: alternative to vmware? Re: America's Army - OpenGL Error Anti-aliasing fonts in OpenOffice & vncserver anti-virus software for Gnu/Linux Re: Antivirus software for gnu/linux Re:Antivirus software from gnu/linux any ACTIVE debian user/expert in CHONGQING,CHINA ? Any reason why mounting /tmp as tmpfs would be a bad idea? anyone built sid dvd's - total size ?? Anyone compile/use transcode in stable/testing Anyone had any luck with gift-fasttrack on unstable? anyone user exim and spamassasin? aol art files: aol voicemail Re: Apache 2 Apache not running apache SIGSEGV testing crashes Apache won't start apache won't start although no errors apache-ssl & mod_ssl apologies Apple's mouse (was: Re: dcgui problems) Re: application level firewalling in linux?(was:ipchains...masq..spyware) Re: Re: Approved (KMM4717637I14L0KM) apt cache obese? apt-get debian-cd installs!! Apt-get Error: Package needs to be reinstalled Apt-get errors on apt-get update apt-get install kopete apt-get install leads to much trouble Re: apt-get rollback <package-name> !?! apt-get rollback <packagename> !?! apt-get sources.list apt-get update error Apt-Get Update Stalling The last update was on 19:18 GMT Sun Jun 17. There are 5259 messages. Page 1 of 11.

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