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Re: Adjusting the speed of mouse-wheel scrolling [repost]

[Micha Feigin]
> I think the easiest solution if you don't want to access each mouse
> differently or use some special driver option to just use one moues
> stanza with /dev/input/mice and driver ImPS2.

The alternate solution is for the kernel to disable /dev/psaux
emulation.  Herbert Xu did this for the 2.6.2 kernel image, at
Branden's request, but has since decided to revert that change since a
lot of people seem to be simultaneously

  - able to edit XF86Config-4 to remove the second mouse device,
    leaving only /dev/psaux

  - unable to read enough docs to understand why this breaks, when
    upgrading to kernel 2.6

Who would have thought users could be in both of those categories at
once?  But in any case, as the "X can't find my mouse anymore" bug
reports started rolling in, Herbert decided he had best just revert the
change and let bug reports like the one in this thread happen instead.


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