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Re: AIDE problems

On Wednesday 11 February 2004 12:49 pm, Keith Nasman wrote:
> When my cronjob is run, it reports that it could not access
> /var/lib/aide.db.

> Here are what I think the relative lines are in /etc/cron.daily/aide

> CONFFILE="/floppy/aide/aide.conf"
> DATABASE=`grep "^database=file:/" $CONFFILE | head -1 | cut -d: -f2`
> [ -z "$DATABASE" ] && DATABASE="/var/lib/aide/aide.db"

The -z test returns true if the variable being tested is unset. The fact 
that DATABASE is getting the default value indicates that the script is 
having problems reading your configuration file.

Are you mounting the floppy drive via autofs (or similar)? If not, are you 
ensuring the floppy is mounted before the script gets run? What happens 
if you run this script from the command line?


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