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                      **** IMPORTANT, PLEASE READ ****

  This notice is in response to a message you sent with the above subject.

Due to the rampant distribution of computer viruses via e-mail our e-mail
server does not deliver messages containing attachments ending with common
executable extensions (files with the extensions .exe, .bat, .vbs, etc.).
As a result, the message you sent with the above subject was not delivered
to any recipients on our mail server.

In order to successfully send these attachments with your message, please
use a file compression utility to create files with the .zip extension 
(or something similar).  Files with the .zip extension also have the added 
benefit of being significantly smaller than their original versions.

If you did not intend to send mail to our mail server and if you think
your system may be infected with a virus, we recommend that you contact
your local computer/e-mail support group.  Any direct replies to this
message will not be received.  However, if you would like to contact us,
please send a message to: postmaster@gsw.edu

Thank you for your cooperation,
Georgia SouthWestern Univeristy

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