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Re: anti-virus software for Gnu/Linux

MJ Inabnit wrote:

I have read several opinions regarding AV for Gnu/Linux.
> The last one is Rick's rant
> <http://www.linuxmafia.com/~rick/faq/index.php?page=virus>.
>  However, the information is dated.

So what is the opinion now-a-days?  I just read a post last
> week where a new Gnu/Linux user strongly advocates AV for all
> new users.  The claim was something along the line of "What
> if I send you an Email with an executable attachment like
> [cd, rm -r]".  I still don't buy the claim that I need AV on
> my box, but I'm also very open to sound security advice.

Thanks so much.

  72 character lines would be nice...

never ever execute anything from untrusted sources (and email is untrusted source). On unix/linux machines you can risk and execute it as nobody (or create a special userjust for testing dangerous software). Not recommended though... (it can exploit some security problem on your machine)

most opensource mailers do not hide the type of the attachement so it's easier to recognize executable... I am not sure they would even run anything (but I guess it depends on settings and particular MUA)

AV on linux box might be useful if win users are going to read the email (e.g. via imap or pop3 server).


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