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Re: 2.6 install cd

And thus we see that Arunav Mandal said:
> I have Dell poweredge 1750 server and I tried to install woody on that with
> 2.2 kernel but I can't configure the Raid controller So I need 2.6 kernel to
> install from. So do anybody got the idea where can I get hold of
> installation disk with 2.6 kernel or how can I create a installation disk
> from a present machine with custom 2.6 kerenl.

If it is a Dell poweredge like you say, you are in luck. Dell has just
recently opened up their own linux site at http://linux.dell.com . They
also link to this location: http://oregonstate.edu/~kveton/debian/

That location has a debian 2.4.23 based ISO that will allow you to
atleast get an initial base install running. From there, is just a
little make-kpkg away from a newer customized kernel!

There is even a how-to on that page on how to get your own customized
kernel on the bootbf image.

Good Luck,
Harshwardhan Nagaonkar
Electrical Engineering Sysop
Brigham Young University, UT-84602

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