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Re: 2.6 Kernel, Strange System Lock (not kernel panic)

On 2004-02-05, Brett Carrington penned:
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> A few days after I upgraded to the 2.6 tree (using debian's
> precompiled packages) something very bad happened.
> I left my box idle for a while, came back, and nothing would work.
> Well, kind of:
> # any command Segmentation fault.  # any other command Segementation
> fault.
> I had mutt and screen running too and they each crashed and I believe
> screen complained it couldn't write to the utmp file.
> I'm not very knowledgable about this kind of problem, but could it be
> memory or disk problems?
> Thanks in advance.

This sort of thing happened to me just before my deathstar died, so yes,
it could be a hard drive issue.  On the other hand, you're running a
bleeding edge kernel ... I would suggest switching back to your old
kernel and seeing if the problem continues.  (Oh, and in the meantime,
if it doesn't do this right after boot, try to back up anything you
think you need.)


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