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Re: admin type user

On Mon, Feb 02, 2004 at 01:58:20PM -0600, Rick Weinbender wrote:
> I need to create an admin type user for the purpose
> of maintaining user accounts.
> The user needs access to /home directory and everything
> below it, but not anything higher in the tree.
> (I've heard something about chroot doing this, but haven't
> tried it.  What's recommended?)
> *
> What tools are available for setting up this type of account?
> I've heard that using SUDO for running types of root commands
> is pretty secure.
> Thanks,
> -Rick

Just for maintenance reasons you can give full access to /home directory
to that user.
Just change the group permissions and add that user to the group.

If you want to create users as well, then you need SUDO.


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