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Re: 不倫から結婚まで $1K a day part-time returning calls! 'hyphen-used-as-minus-sign' lintian warning (better explaining) Re: Hi! I need faqs and tutorials for make gcc*.deb's Re[9]: Позвони мне пожайлуйста... Maryani [PHP] Standard placement of PHP libraries? Adapting a package for unofficial archive/retrieval via apt-get Advice on dpatch vs post-patching? ajust CPU type gcc flag Automatisch antwoord bij afwezigheid: DELIVERY REPORTS ABOUT YOUR E-MAIL AutoResponse: Undelivered Mail Best practice for Java? Best way to maintain a package for multiple Debian releases? Blocked Message BOUNCE Non-member submission from [] Re: Bug#303794: ITA: log4cpp -- A C++ library for flexible logging Bug#306290: Info received (was RFS: ttf-mph-2b-damase -- font with ranges from the latest version of unicode) Re: Bug#316503: ITP: istanbul -- Desktop session recorder Bug#317155: RFP: ldtp -- GNU/Linux Desktop Testing Project Re: Bug#317430: ITP: apt-history -- logs the changes when installing Building source packages c2hs cab1e_de-scramblers are 100% safe to use and own Re: Call for Mentor Can I simulate a weak conflict? Change of contact info Click here to improve your wellbeing today debian package for base 1.3.1 a acidlab forge Re: DELIVERY FAILED dh_haskell in other directory Display upgrade note DKARL's email address has changed - Your email regarding "Delivery reports about your e-mail" was discarded. DKARL's email address has changed - Your email regarding "Mail System Error - Returned Mail" was discarded. documentation about Wig & Pen source format (dpkg source format 2.0) DP Manual question: why is 11.8.5 so dated? Ecartis command results: -- Attached file included as plaintext by Ecartis -- Emacs mode package problem Error in the account verification! Error in WNPP ? executable-not-elf-or-script FROM ADDRESS NOT FOUND Here you go, sorry for the delay How to deal with Tag how to prevent binary incompatibilities with libraries (in reference to Bug#320029) How to use svn(-buildpackage) with pbuilder? how use dpatch for binary files ? Jean-Yvan Fradet est absent(e). Keysigning in Portugal available ldconfig-symlink-missing-for-shlib error LessTif conflicts with Motif, doesn't provide Motif, and is required??? library files are not included in the .deb files Looking for python-xlib sponsor Re: Mail System Error - Returned Mail makefiles making backport debs with dpkg-buildpackage Microsoft and IBM OEM Software for Bundling Only and other related software. Need sponsor Re: new package No need to pay more - cheapest OEM online. Not able to understand debian-policy 8.1.1 one lintian output correcting question Package maintainers do more than package Packaging a shared library with non-PIC assembly Photos, drawings, graphics...learn to create them...then share them all... Photoshop, Windows, Office. CHEAP. Problem in building c2hs package problems authenticating to Program source including another program source psyBNC PTS source package page: trying to understand "Testing Status" A question regarding unofficial packages (for Xen) Re: Report (TQS200506081) Re: RETURNED MAIL: SEE TRANSCRIPT FOR DETAILS Re: Fwd: RFS : connect : establish ssh connection over socks 4/5 proxies (alt suggested name : connect-proxy) RFS: apt-history - logs the changes when installing packages RFS: c2hs -- C->Haskell Interface Generator Re: RFS: coldfire: packages URL RFS: color-theme -- Color themes for Emacs RFS: dguitar -- guitar pro 3/4 tabs viewer and player RFS: ecasound: Re: Bug#317194: ecasound update is pending g++ 4.0 transition RFS: emacs-color-themes -- Color themes for Emacs RFS: felix-1.1.0 RFS: fortranposix -- call posix functions from Fortran 90/95 programs RFS: fortunes-ru - Russian fortune cookies RFS: gtklp-1.0f, and Planet Debian RFS: libmp3-tag-perl - Module for reading tags of MP3 audio files RFS: libopenspc -- library for playing SPC files RFS: libXvMCW (again) Re: RFS: lmms - Linux Multimedia Studio RFS: mozilla-thunderbird-locale-ru - Mozilla Thunderbird Russian Language/Region Package Re: RFS: Plash: a shell and restricted environment for running programs with minimum authority RFS: Plash: a shell and restricted environment for running programs with minimum authority RFS: softgun -- An ARM system emulator RFS: Sponsor needed for libice2++ Re: RFS: Sponsor needed for libice2++ (now zerocice2.1) RFS: terralib -- A GIS classes and functions library. RFS: ttf-mph-2b-damase -- font with ranges from the latest version of unicode RFS: xfce4-sensors-plugin Re: RF{S,C}: gtklp 1.0rel+1.0d Rock bottom prices on top selling titles! Re: sbuild vs relative paths Re: selfmade package installation hangs separate binary and sources should I create both static and shared libraries manually? Software 3000 condone Software 3000 pl Sponsor for libcompress-bzip2perl needed sponsor guide ? Sponsor needed for ktorrent package Sponsor request for aspell-uz Sponsor required for bbpager SRPM to Debian Framework Take the office with you where ever you go... Re: unable to comprehend linda errors Unknown default encoding? unsubscribe uploading packages built on an amd64 box inside ia32 chroot use version-number in control file? Virus détecté dans le message "Mail System Error - Returned Mail" volunteer for orphaned package cantus, searching sponsor Warning: - User unknown! what if the upstream version contains hyphens? What should I call the source package? where I find tutorials for made gcc debs? where to put object file You can decide right now to develop the same libido. Your mail to Your Message To scoug-general Re: Re: Your product zoo: directory traversal security bug The last update was on 13:05 GMT Sun Apr 22. There are 461 messages. Page 1 of 1.

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