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Re: Display upgrade note

Am Montag, den 25.07.2005, 18:40 +0200 schrieb Roland Gruber:

> probably this has been asked before but my searches did not give proper
> results.
> I want to display a message to the user via debconf. The message should
> only appear if the user upgrades from a version below a special value
> (0.5.0 in my case).

Maybe you want to think about these two alternatives:

- add a NEWS.Debian so users with apt-listchanges installed will see the
advice (the advice should of course also be mentioned in README.Debian
or a similar file) - this is IMO the most common way for upgrade/update

- add the debconf message to the package in general (a note like: If you
are upgrading from a version below ..." <OK>) and done

Regards, Daniel

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