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Re: RFS: Sponsor needed for libice2++ (now zerocice2.1)

tor, 07,.07.2005 kl. 05.17 +0200, skrev Jarle Aase:
> I need a sponsor for:
> Package name    : libice2++
> Version         : 2.1.2
> Upstream Author : Zeroc Inc.
> URL             : http://www.zeroc.com
> License         : GPL
> Description     : "The Internet Communications Engine (Ice) is a
>  modern alternative to object middleware such as CORBA or
>  COM/DCOM/COM+, with support for C++, Java, Python, PHP5, C#
>  and Visual Basic.
>  Ice is easy to learn, yet provides a powerful network 
>  infrastructure for demanding technical applications. Ice 
>  shines where technologies such as SOAP or XML-RPC are too 
>  slow, or do not provide sufficient scalability or security"
> Source and i386 binary packages can be found at http://ice.jgaa.com
> There is an old RFP for this package: Bug#223720
> I've made an attempt to package the library for Debian. I'll probably
> need some help to get it right ;)

I've repacked the library, and changed the name to zerocice2.1.
http://ice.jgaa.com is updated.

I'm still looking for a sponsor ;)

I'm greatful if someone with experience with libraries will have a look
at the packaging, and maby give me some feedback, even if you don't want
to sponsor the package.

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