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LessTif conflicts with Motif, doesn't provide Motif, and is required???

Why in the world did DMs compile KDE to say: You must use LessTif and
uninstall Motif???

11.8.8 The OSF/Motif and OpenMotif libraries

Programs that require the non-DFSG-compliant OSF/Motif or OpenMotif
libraries[70] should be compiled against and tested with LessTif (a free
re-implementation of Motif) instead.

>>> I agree to that

However.  NOTE: 11.8.8 does NOT say that such programs should prevent
Motif from installing, nor the real Motif libraries from being used for
applications which need motif libs (which lesstif was origioanlly intended
to run *some* of when Motif was *not* available - which is why lesstif was
allowed to use motif's library name: library name clobbering is normally
not allowed).


Why should Debian be telling users and programmers which Motif to use?

I have allot of problems with this.  I allways have proffesional programs
that need Motif and programs like KDE which insist they need LessTif.

Right now your telling me LessTif is a motif alternative that is
incompatible with Motif and I have to have it installed and that forces
Motif to be uninstalled.  Rediculous.

Clearly, LessTif shouldn't be allowed to have any non-motif features to
compile against unless it changes it's library names!

Motif was "here first" and has every right to use "motif" as it's library
name!  If lesstif doesn't like motif it can change LessTif's lib names to

As far as Debian trying to force Motif out of the market and prop up
LessTif in it's place by making it disfunctional?  It's an insult to all
unix users.

I see clear patterns of favoritism developing and I dont' like it.

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