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how use dpatch for binary files ?

Hi , all

Im making one package using dpatch.
I changed some binary files (images) and created one patch in debian/patches

When I rum dpkg-buildpackage -rfakeroot -us -uc
I receive message below.

10_testpatch.dpatch  is a patch for one image.

Im thinking use uuencode and uudecode to solve this problem, but I would like to know if have other option to solve it.

Jose Carlos

dpkg-buildpackage: source package is testpackage
dpkg-buildpackage: source version is 3.0.5-1
dpkg-buildpackage: source maintainer is Jose Carlos Medeiros <debian@psabs.com.br>
dpkg-buildpackage: host architecture is i386
fakeroot debian/rules clean
dpatch  deapply-all
rm -rf patch-stamp patch-stampT debian/patched
dh_clean build-stamp configure-stamp
dpkg-source -b testpackage-3.0.5
dpkg-source: building testpackage using existing testpackage_3.0.5.orig.tar.gz
dpkg-source: building testpackage in testpackage_3.0.5-1.diff.gz
dpkg-source: cannot represent change to debian/patches/10_testpatch.dpatch: binary file contents changed
dpkg-source: building testpackage in testpackage_3.0.5-1.dsc
dpkg-source: unrepresentable changes to source

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