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Re: Sponsor request for aspell-uz

Mashrab Kuvatov <kmashrab@sat.physik.uni-bremen.de> writes:

> On Wednesday 27 July 2005 08:27, Brian Nelson wrote:
>> * Your aspell-uz.info-aspell is not correct.  See
>>   http://dict-common.alioth.debian.org/dsdt-policy.html#infofile for
>>   more info.
> I added language name in Uzbek into Language section. Is it correct now?

Well, you should also specify Casechars, Not-Casechars, and
Coding-System.  Otherwise, AIUI, emacs won't find the correct word

>> > It passed lintian -i test, but linda -i complained about l-uz.cmap
> file
>> > being installed into /usr/lib.
>> Safe to ignore.  It's an aspell upstream issue if anything.
> The message is
> W: aspell-uz; File /usr/lib/aspell/l-uz.cmap contained in /usr/lib of 
> Architecture: all package.
> The file shown above is installed into /usr/lib, but the package that
> contains it is a architecture-independent package. This file should be
> installed into /usr/share instead.
> BTW, there are many other *.cmap and *.cset files in /usr/lib/aspell

Yep, it's an aspell upstream thing.  Don't worry about it...

> The updated files are at
> http://www.uni-bremen.de/~kmashrab/aspell/deb/aspell-uz_0.04-0-1-deb.tar.bz2

If you want to update the info-aspell file before I upload, let me know.
Otherwise it looks ready to go.

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