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Can I simulate a weak conflict?


I'd like my em8300 package's dependencies to say something like "If you 
use udev, I'd recommend you use at least 0.060-1." (since specific rules 
for the em8300 drivers were added in that release, tahnks to Marco 

Unfortunately, the package system certainly can't guess whether udev is 
used. So I would translate it to "I'd recommend you have either no udev 
installed, or at least version 0.060-1.".

But I don't think I can express that either. If it was a strong 
dependency rather that a weak one, I could cheat and express it as a 
conclict: "Conflicts: udev (<< 0.060-1)". I could also decide to 
recommend udev anyway: "Recommends: udev (>= 0.060-1)".

But none of these 2 solution satisfy me. Can anyone think of a way I can 
express what I want?



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