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A question regarding unofficial packages (for Xen)

Apologies if the answer to this is obvious, or if this is the wrong
list. My question involves Xen which has been maintained through
2.0.5-3 (in experimental) by Adam Heath. I am not in any way trying to
highjack this package - I was very happy with the original. However,
since the release of Xen 2.0.6 (May 28th) there have been a few posts
to the xen-users list suggesting that Adam is too busy to deal with
this (including somebody who spoke with him on IRC), as well as calls
to get a team of maintainers together. There have been some volunteers
(as well as people, myself included, providing temporary, unofficial
debs based on Adam's work) but no Debian Developers.

I've read the materials I could find on the site about the process,
package maintenance, and policies, but since it really hasn't been
that long, it seems too aggressive to file a bug report saying the
package has been orphaned.

I contacted some people on the Xen list to see if we could work
together. I tried to reach Adam (although his lack of response could
very likely mean I was spam-blocked, and I thought it rude to post to
all the lists I've seen him on to try to get a response). I've been
hoping that somebody else (somebody who's been there before) would
step in with a clear plan. So far no luck. As time passes and people
are using my very explicitly stated UNOFFICIAL packages, my fear is
that the end result will reflect poorly on Debian, which is the very
last thing I want.

The only things I could think to do were keep working on my packages
to make them clean and conform with policy, and post to this list to
ask for advice. Does anybody have thoughts on what the best course of
action is?


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