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Re: (better explaining) Re: Hi! I need faqs and tutorials for make gcc*.deb's

Hi! Thank's for your ultra quickly response:-)

  For now, I have more one question: I need learn about
* "Multiple"-binary * in sense of maint-guide. (from one [or two:]
souce tarball,
to many binaries.deb)

  The maint-guide teaching me about "single"-binary but nothing
about "multiple" ...

  My question is : where I find docs, tutorials, etc about use
of dh_make  for making multiple binaries ? 

Thank's a Lot! :-)

[]'s of Seventy rounds, Dani:-)

p.s.: I'm going studying the source.deb of gcc. Thanks for the hint.
p.s.: Thank's for understanding my english:-)

2005/7/9, Matthew Palmer <mpalmer@debian.org>:
> On Sat, Jul 09, 2005 at 02:17:01AM -0300, Dani wrote:
> > hi! my system is a Debian Testing. I use a Athlon Xp1.7 (x86) and
> >  I  already installed the tools give in "maint-guide". I tried hard _but_ *all*
> > tutorials that I encounter use this estructure:
> >
> > # apt-get source  gcc-X.Y
> > # cd gcc-X.Y
> > # dpkg-buildpackage ( or debuild )
> >  ...
> >
> > But this is _not_ what I need.  my need is take a gcc from gcc.gnu.org
> > and make a (more or less) complete debianization and of course in a
> > gcc that NOT yet packaged for Debian. for now, this is for my personal use.
> Your best bet is *probably* going to be to port the existing packaging
> scripts for gcc to the version of gcc you want to build.  That may or may
> not be simple (gcc is a pretty complex package), but it's the standard
> method of making packages of new versions of existing packages.
> - Matt
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 is the Lord's Purpose that prevails"

  []'s Dani:-)

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