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2.0.1 -VS- 2.1 Beta and Potato 2.1 and games 2.1beta2, debugging and Konqueror (was: Re: 2.1beta2 warning) 2.1beta2 warning apt and kde assorted problems: Debian potato + KDE 2.0.1 Re: assorted problems: Debian potato + KDE 2.0.1 Re: auto kde logout? bibletime binary-powerpc updates Fwd: Re: Bug#17898: I would like https bug reporting for potato packages Cannot find libgl1 can't compile kdevelop Compiling KDE from CVS, but keeping Debianized packages? Configuring kdevelop... configuring kmail CVSROOT Dead keys dead keys not working in KDE under Debian Dead keys work again! Debian-KDE FAQ... Debian & KDE FAQ... first day... :-) .debs for Aethera Depends for libqt2.2-dev Re: dh_make mod Empty Packages.gz on Potato's beta? Re: error upgrading libc6-dev on sparc Font error on opening Root Consoles in Konsole fyi - added packages header files for qt heads up - crazyness HELP: kdm/kde does not work any more Fwd: http processes dye on Konkeror (kde 2.1) image rendering Integrating pon/poff with kde. Re: kaptain KDE 2.1b1 and apt-get kde 2.1 beta KDE 2.1 for potato KDE 2.1 on potato - liblcms, libmng KDE2 in potato vs. unstable/testing (was Re: Debian-KDE FAQ...) kde and debian KDE and "testing" kde doesn't work kde package sources down ! upgrades kdevelop Kdevelop 1.4beta kdevelop conflicts with kde-i18n-fr KDevelop packages? kdm2.1 does exit immediately KDM woes keyboard switching doesn't work(beta2-potato) kfilereplace kfloppy works ? Kghostview might need gs kicq kicq available kicq busted? kicq for kde2 kicq problem Kmail and foreign keyboards kmail and threads KMail + Attachments Kmail won't send? Kmix does not find any devices knetdump knotes fills the screen knotes problems of old konqueror and java Konqueror/KDE2 beta2 doesn't open link in new window konqueror not rendering jdk api documentation Konqueror & SSL works for root, problems for others korn & imap. kpat dependencies KPilot kppp doesn't work out of the box Kppp won't connect kview & konqueror : no pics (kdesupport??) laptop & KDE libaps-dev control files lists section as libs libkmid-dev dependancy problems libqt2.2(-dev) does not conflict libqt2(-dev)?? libqt2 and libqt2.2 confused? libssl096 and others in non-us instead of non-US licq licq and evil things happened Licq KDE docking still doesn't work licq with kde support mailing list configuration Need some clear X windows documentation new kde2.1 packages for potato new packages No kde2 for alpha ? No libqt in beta for potato. offtopic xserver! ok...get it while it's hot Ok I wasn't paying attention on the keyboard/kconsole discussion.. now I need help OT: help with "local" rsync mirror package names for .deb files .../potato/beta/.../task-kde-devel... powerpc updates Re: PPP & PAP preparing for 2.1-final Print dialog in 2.01 messed up Printing from kde probelm with libqt2.2-gl Problem installing beta kfilereplace? problem with kdoc? Re: Problem with kword Problem with libqt2 package Problem with task-kde-devel !! public logout button [Q] KPilot 3.2.1 Debian package for KDE 1.1.2 Quanta and mime types Re: [ Re: kfloppy works ?] sgml2html in kde? site down? someone willing to test potato packages? sponsorship Standard way to update K menu Re: Stupid Q - How do you add WM's to KDM? down Unidentified subject! update from KDE1 to KDE2 updates url link on desktop not working Using conduits in kpilot way out of date Weird behavior of Java graphical programs under KDE2 where ist kbiff? Will Potato KDE2.0.1 run on Woody? Re: Wrong dependencies in Re: XIM patch breaks kicker again YAP (Yet Another Package) - Ktelnet2 The last update was on 17:41 GMT Sun Aug 16. There are 382 messages. Page 1 of 1.

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