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Re: libqt2.2(-dev) does not conflict libqt2(-dev)??

> So I removed libqt2-dev and then re-installed libqt2-dev. Now That the error 
> in the previous mail is gone. libqt2.2-dev files are (partly) overwritten by 
> libqt2-dev files and these are the files kpgpcrypt expects I suppose.

you really should be using qt2.2 and not qt2.  qt2 has legal issues still. 
qt2.2 is the only truely free version of qt.  

> Now I get a error on kde includes when continuing to compile kpgpcrypt. So I 
> guess that kpgpcrypt is not ready for kde2.1 as it was not ready for qt2.2... 
> I am running kde2.1, there is no way of compiling/running kde2.0 applications 
> on a kde2.1 system I guess?

I haven't had any problems compiling KDE2.0 apps on a kde2.1 system.


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