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Re: Dead keys

No in woody they do not work either. I have seen that there is a bug
report on this upstream at kde.bugs.org. At the Mandrake distribution,
they had the same problem and I read at some list (but where?) that it was
related to some problem in the qt-lib and advised to upgrade the
library. But the qt-ibrary at debian seems to be even newer. I compiled
konsole from source (but using the packaged libraries) to no effect.
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On Sun, 7 Jan 2001, Pablo de Vicente wrote:

> El Dom 07 Ene 2001 21:51, Logi Ragnarsson escribió:
> >Hi!
> >
> >I've been running the kde 2.0.1 and now kde 2.1 debian packages (thanks!)
> > and while generally things look good (except the new koffice, but that is
> > what the warning was for...), I have some trouble with dead keys in some
> > apps.
> >
> >konsole won't accept dead keys at all. The alt-F2 dialogue neither. Some
> > apps accept dead keys, but after opening a dialogue-box, the dead keys will
> > be disabled. This happens in KBabel, which is a utility for translating
> > software and means that I can't search, go to particular lines, etc.
> > without the program becoming useless.
> >
>  I have exactly the same problem as you. Accents do not work in konsole, and 
> when I open dialog boxes in some applications, for example Kbabel, which I 
> use for the KDE translations to spanish, accents will stop working. I have 
> even experienced that with kmail, but I stil do not know when it happens with 
> it. When it happens if you close the message you want to send and open it 
> again you regain the accents. I am using KDE 2.0.1 in one of my machines, and 
> KDE 2.1 in another, with Debian 2.2 and X3.3.6. I have already commented this 
> problem before in the list and Daniel de los Reyes told me that accents in 
> KDE 2.1 in Debian Woody work fine, but I have not tested it..
> Pablo
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