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Re: sgml2html in kde?

> A problem I face is the sgml2html it uses for documentation. It
> is not switched to docbook. and Debians sgml2html does not
> support the -N option it uses to split one sgml file into several
> html files. 
> The kvoctrain author said, the version he uses came with kde. Is
> it packaged somewhere? What do others do about this?

hmmm...It's not a part of KDE 2.x...I just did a search for *sgml2html* in
my CVS tree and couldn't find it.

You are the first person I've heard that has had this problem.  But then all
of the stuff I've been dealing with is docbook based...all of KDE 2 is 
docbook based..and all of the apps I deal with either are or just work.


Ivan E. Moore II
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