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Re: 2.1 and games

> The only drawback is I must have my games back. Didn't find them in dselect,
> perhaps I'm too blind to see the oblivious? Or is there a painless apt-get
> file I can snag and return my games?

so..the drawback.. :)

they are there.  I just did not put them in the task-kde package...I probably
should add them to the suggests line. 

My rational for this:

    As maintainer of these packages I have the role of presenting someone 
else's work.  In this case it's the KDE.  Well, when I cleaned up the task
packages I decided that the contents of kdegames and kdetoys are not a part
of that environment. Actually I would not consider most of the kde* programs
part of the KDE.  Most of them are *for* the KDE.  So..I built the task-kde
package to reflect a set of KDE based applications that would enhance that
environment...this includes all the admin, network, and utilitiy packages.
I dropped audio apps into the Suggests section along with any apps that are
more system dependent (kppp, klpq, klaptopdaemon) and packages out of my
control (quanta). (oh..and -crypto packages).  

Games and Toys are the least important of all the packages.  ***warning***
This is my opinion. :)  ***end warning***   I chose not to include them in
the task package at the time.  (I'll probably add them to the suggests) The
individual packages are still there and can be installed like any other


Ivan E. Moore II
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