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Re: Integrating pon/poff with kde.

Le Dimanche 12 Janvier 1997 23:23, Dale P. Smith a écrit :
> On my home system, I use pon/poff to connect to my isp.  I have a
> windowmaker dock app (wmpp ??) that knows how to use pon/poff.  I have
> my wife and kids using this.  I'm experimenting with kde (this is a
> potato box btw) and I don't really like kppp.  It doesn't work with my
> serial card anyway, no options for /dev/ttyR[0-7] (I have a rocketport
> octacable).
> I have made some icons that just call pon or poff.  This works, but
> there is no feedback that the connection has been made.
> Is there a way to run a wmaker dock app in the kpanel?
> Is there some k application that uses pon/poff and shows the state of
> the connection? (changes color or something)
> Is there a way to wrap up(with tcl/tk, python or whatever) some shell
> scripts (or any arbitrary executable) into an application that run in
> the taskbar (like kmoon or that clipboard thingy)?

  Normally KDE 2.1 should have native support for dockable apps. Extract from 
http://www.kde.org/announcements/announce-2.1-beta1.html :

> The panel (Kicker) has enjoyed significant improvements. An external
> taskbar has been included (familiar to KDE 1 users), support for sub-panels 
> has been added (which can be separately sized and positioned), an improved 
> external pager (Kasbar) has been added, and support for applets has been 
> improved (including support for WindowMaker dock applets).

  I haven't tested it yet.

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