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Konqueror & SSL works for root, problems for others

My first post to the list.  Many thanks to Ivan for making
it possible for me to move to Debian; I'd lately been using 
Mandrake6.1 with KDE and would not have been able to 
switch if I couldn't run Korganizer.

I have installed KDE2.0, including the crypto packages.
Running Konqueror as root there are no problems with SSL.
However, as a regular user, even though I can connect using
SSL (as fortify.net assures me), when I try to bring up the 
"cryptography configuration" menu there is a message in the
invoking shell

Module crypto not found!
Unknown child process 993 died

If it makes any difference, neither as root or a regular
user am I running kdm or kdesktop, I'm just running selected
KDE apps within WindowMaker.

Martin Gelfand, Dept of Physics, Colorado State University

Martin Gelfand

Associate Professor.............Phone: 970 491 5263
Department of Physics.............Fax: 970 491 7947
Colorado State University.......Email: gelfand@lamar.colostate.edu
Fort Collins CO 80523-1875

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