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Re: konqueror and java

Am Wednesday 24 January 2001 10:01 schrieb Thibaut Cousin:
> Le Mercredi 24 Janvier 2001 09:49, Michal Kolesar a écrit :
> > What package must to be installed for funcitional java in the konqueror?
> > I have now installed only java-common. And Java dont work on pages.
>   The JDK must be installed (it is in non-free) :
> 	jdk1.1         1.1.8v1-3
> 	jdk1.1-dev     1.1.8v1-3
> 	jdk1.1-native  1.1.8v1-3
> 	jdk1.1-native- 1.1.8v1-3
Java does not work fully with the konqueror from kde-2.0 and kde-2.01. 
Full java functionality is currently in cvs and in the upcoming kde-2.1 beta2.
The new java applet code will probably require the blackdown jdk 1.3-FCS 
release to be fully functional. It does not work with jdk1.1.x anymore.
Deb's are available at  http://www.blackdown.org

If you want to run applets which need ssl, you have to download the jsse 
classes http://java.sun.com/products/jsse/ from sun and put the .jar files
into the /usr/share/kjava/apps directory.

WfG, Chris

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