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Re: kicq available


Was/is kicq the "official" icq client for kde? I am sure I had seen this
published at one time.  I really liked the original version but licq really
rocks too.

Tnx and best regards

On Thursday 04 January 2001 01:31, Ivan E. Moore II wrote:
> ok...I finally got some time and patience to take a proper look at
> kicq...and I have .deb's.  I found a way around the problems with gcc and
> the way in which kicq handles it's build and have produced both potato and
> unstable packages for kicq.  They are up on kde.tdyc.com.
> now...someone was working on this...(the reason why I got involved even was
> due to this person having the problems I mentioned above)...would whoever
> it was let me know whether this was for a official package or not...I
> didn't see any ITP's for kicq...I'll upload it if there is no other
> intention to do so as I'll use it. :)  It looks quite nice so far.
> Anyways...the unstable deb is almost done uploading to kde.tdyc.com and the
> potato one is building.
> Ivan


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