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Re: 2.1beta2, debugging and Konqueror (was: Re: 2.1beta2 warning)

Rogerio Brito wrote:
> 	I'm really not using GNOME anymore. In fact, I'm only using
> 	Ximian Gnome packages like gnapster and gimp1.2, not much
> 	else (and I expect testing to have upgraded versions of
> 	gnapster and gimp1.2 RSN).

Try out lopster (http://lopster.sourceforge.net/) and you will forget 
gnapster as well :).

> 	The only drawback with Konqueror 2.1 Beta 2 right now seems to
> 	be some missing pictures here and there, but nothing that is a

Pictures problem is known and it's fixed already in CVS.

> 	showstopper. Of course, I hope these bugs will be ironed out
> 	soon and the final release will kick major butt.


Hasso Tepper
KDE Estonian Team

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