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Re: KDE 2.1b1 and apt-get

On Tuesday 30 January 2001 17:02, Ivan E. Moore II wrote:
> the potato "beta" section on kde.tdyc.com (and it's mirrors) contains
> *post* 2.1b2 packages.

Powerpc versions of these are lagging badly. I only have one machine (Power 
Macintosh 7300/200) to do the builds. Since I have been spoiled with my 2.0.1 
based KDE environment, I did not want it to go away for the several days it 
normally takes me to finish the build process.

Solution... add some more disk space and have Debian potato KDE 2.0.1 
installation and another install that will become KDE 2.1beta2. Well, the 
first new disk I bought was DOA. I was able to exchange it for a new one 
today, but I am now even further behind. Hopefully, I will have a complete 
set by the end of the week.

Now, a survey question for the audience, who is using the powerpc packages 
from kde*.tdyc.com and does anyone have a priority order?


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