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Dead keys


I've been running the kde 2.0.1 and now kde 2.1 debian packages (thanks!) and 
while generally things look good (except the new koffice, but that is what 
the warning was for...), I have some trouble with dead keys in some apps.

konsole won't accept dead keys at all. The alt-F2 dialogue neither. Some apps 
accept dead keys, but after opening a dialogue-box, the dead keys will be 
disabled. This happens in KBabel, which is a utility for translating software 
and means that I can't search, go to particular lines, etc. without the 
program becoming useless.

I normally use an Icelandic layout. I started out with settings in XFConfig86 
to switch to the Icelandic layout and everything worked well with icewm and 
others. Then I installed KDE 2.0.1 and the KDE 2.1-beta and the dead keys 
stopped working. I've tried the Icelandic keyboard layout in kcontrol (can't 
remember the english name of the particular module) as well as the US with 
dead keys and the Swiss-German layout (because someone had that working on a 
different setup) but to no avail.

This also happens with others I know running debian and the Icelandic layout, 
but not the mandrake or suse kde 2.1 RPMs or the redhat 2.0.1 RPMs.

So, I'm leaning towards it being the debian packages doing something horrible 
to dead keys. Anyone want to try switching to, say, US with dead keys and see 
if you can reproduce some of these letters: "áéíóúý" in konsole, all of which 
are needed in Icelandic. 

If the dead keys work, then the keys which normally give you "'a" on an 
american keyboard should make "á" instead.


Logi Ragnarsson - logir@logi.org
Some day we all shall be out of scope

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