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Re: KDevelop packages?

Raphael Bossek has declared an intent to package it see

The 1.4beta branch of CVS is somewhat usable right now IMO, still lots
of things that don't quite work and one problem that makes it
impossible to compile using debian-docbase support. I fixed that
locally on my copy but have yet to send it upstream. They don't appear
to 'test' their debian support much.

Keep in mind 1.4 is strictly for people who can't or won't install
libqt1.x and 'need' kdevelop according to the developers. It isn't
really meant to be packaged by distros yet IMO.

Gordon Sadler

On Tue, Jan 09, 2001 at 09:45:10PM +0330, tnvander@chello.nl wrote:
> Are there, or will there be, any packages of KDevelop 1.4?
> If not, then I'll have to download it as .tgz but I prefer to keep everything Debianized! :-)

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