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Re: Quanta and mime types

On Thursday 04 January 2001 11:25, Thibaut Cousin wrote:
>   I noticed a very annoying thing with Quanta (the one packaged in
> kde.tdyc.com) : because of its associations (mime types), I cannot use my
> bookmarks in Konqueror ! I explain :
>   The bookmarks work normally if I launch Konquy first and then go in the
> Bookmarks menu.
>   But if I go into the Bookmarks menu throught the K-menu or through the
> right-mouse-button menu on the desktop, Quanta opens with the source code
> of the page instead of Konqueror displaying the page !

I am sorry but I can not reproduce this thing. The debian package of Quanta 
does not provide own MimeType in *.desktop file so this is strange a little 
bit for me. 

The potato version was built by rkrusty@tdyc.com but I don't know if he has 
added MimeType for Quanta.


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