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Re: kfloppy works ?

Le Jeudi 18 Janvier 2001 11:45, Ivan E. Moore II a écrit :
> I can only speak for the version I am running wich is the latest CVS
> version (currently being uploaded to Debian for unstable)...
> kfloppy is *extremly* fast in formatting the floppy I slapped in the
> drive..I formatted it for both dos and then ext2...both completed
> successfully.
> I am in the group floppy...and I also have dosfstools installed (needed for
> the dos formatting)
> I'm not sure what problems you all are having...maybe it's the version your
> running and it has since been fixed...but I do know that it currently
> works.

  In my case it *seems* to work, it says it completed successfully, but it is 
not possible (format+check in less than 2 seconds). Is it what you have ?

Thibaut Cousin
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